Time and project management has never been EASIER

Enable efficiency and track performance

Beyondtime is an application designed to improve work efficiency and project management standards in your organization through enhanced visibility of workflow processes

Boost Productivity

Beyondtime reduces the need for manual key entries and redundant project tracking tasks. Easily track and manage tasks and hours logged. Attendance tracking as well can be integrated with your payroll software, ultimately improving efficient and productivity within the organization.

Real Time Analytics

Business intellegence dashboards and built in analytics allow management to monitor projects with percision and acccuracy. This also allows employees to manage tasks and schedules more efficiently. Providing them the oppurtunity to review their performance and plan ahead.

Streamline your Business

With beyondtime you can; efficiently track and plan projects and resources, prevent payroll mistakes, increase employee productivity and performance visbility, and analyze real time BI reports all in a single concise system. Automatically increasing profits and reducing shadow costs.

  • M

    My Work Management

    Manage Personal Tasks

    Manage all your personal tasks in a concise and easy to use list.

    Manage Resource Planner

    Track and control your project resources based on their current tasks and availability.

    My Work
  • M

    Meetings Management

    Manage meetings

    Create and Schedule all your meetings with our built calendar and scheduling system.

    Manage Public Calendar

    With the public calendar have access to all the upcoming meetings scheduled so you don’t have a chance to miss out on anything.

  • T

    Time Management

    Manage Time Entry:

    Management can easily track of project logs based on individual resources. Employees can track and manage their work hours and plan ahead.

    Manage Time Report

    Automatically generate reports to assess employee attendences, project performances and and productivity.

  • P

    Project Management

    Manage Projects

    Maintain and share all project information, progression, documentation in a simple platform.

    Manage Backlog Items

    Track project backlog items its Iterations, Epics and Resources.

  • H

    Help Desk Management

    Manage Customer

    Maintain a detailed list of all your customers, the tickets theyve placed and support documentation.

    Manage Tickets

    Manage all customer support documentation and communication. Track ticket resolution and customer feedback.

    Manage Tasks and Events

    Schedule and keep a track of all the tasks required to meet customer standards, and schedule maintenance periods.

    Help Desk
  • R

    Reports Management

    Manage Time Reports

    Manage all your reports regarding employee timesheets based on projects, tasks, teams etc.

    Manage Project Reports

    Manage all your reports regarding projects, iterations, resources, etc.

  • A

    Administration Management

    Manage Master Data

    Important setup data regarding your businesses employees, clients, machinery, and lots more.

    Manage Security & Work Flow

    Assign security roles for various process and standardize security protocols within your organization.