Gain a competitive advantage through Rightcentive

Streamline your brokerage management needs and bridge the informational gap between you, the brokers, and the customers.

Manage complicated data seamlessly

Real estate firms utilize multiple intermediary services such as brokers to manage their transactions. Tracking changes in deals and commission charges can become extremely cumbersome. Rightcentive is designed to simplify and streamline this problem.

Department Distribution

Capture and manage commission distribution information for all the departments participated in a transaction.

Payment Schedules and Invoice Information

Create payment schedules and raise/print invoices.


Allows reviewing, adjusting and processing Broker, Vendor, and Department payments.


Customers love Rightcentive

  • “Rightcentive Real Estate Management Solution has eliminated the operational / data redundancies, enhanced the flow of information, and thus significantly improved productivity and profitability.”
  • “Never really understood the benefit of a brokerage management system before implementing Rigtcentive. There are so many time consuming and confusing calculations and complicated conversions involved when dealing with intermediate brokers. Rightcentive automated all of these processes saving me a ton of time. ”