Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking System is a secured web application, expert-built at Varsun aims at tracking vehicles based on geographical characteristics. The fully featured application is now available in the market, grabbed many attention as well with its advanced features. Mostly this kind of application is widely used by transportation industry to detect and point vehicle locale with help of built-in capabilities. In addition, the application offers following facilities.

  • Tracks vehicle Speed at certain point of timeM
  • Calculates vehicle halt time
  • Shows vehicle moving direction using geographical routes
  • Tracks vehicle navigation such as daily routes
  • Also determines the distance travelled by vehicle on daily basis

All these are possible with geographical add-ons through which, vehicle longitude & latitudes are recorded so that its location, distance, speed, and halt time will be tracked easily. The application allows administrator to configure all vehicle details like Manufacturer, Tyres, Fuel, Maintenance, and Number helpful to track the vehicle.

Whenever the vehicle is tracked, its associated details along with extra implemented details will be displayed to user. It is an unconventional application used in many industries where vehicle usage is more. Above and beyond, this application is far more useful for intelligence department in tracking thieves' or convicts' vehicles.

The product is successfully implemented and handed to Royal Municipal Corporation (RMC). They use this application to track down the vehicles corresponds to municipal department across the region. It allows them to find the vehicle, determine speed, calculate arrival time, halt time, distance, etc. and also shows route being travelled by vehicle.

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