Beyondtime (Projects & Time Management System)

Beyondtime is a web-based timesheet and project management system. Every Company that bills for services or performs project-oriented work can benefit from Beyondtime. Our systerm is designed to enhance employee and work traceability, while providing you the information and tools for better decision making. Real time updates and automatically generated reports will allow you to streamline communication across your organization, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Time Management System

  • Captured and generate reports of the status and timesheets of employees and consultants
  • Track project status and review progress anytime and anywhere
  • Efficiently plan and track your resources, to ensure maximum output
  • Easily generate reports for account/project managers and provide detailed profitability reports for clients
  • Keep track of incident tickets and resolve problems with minimal effort
  • Automatically enhance communication, and therefore streamline operations
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Build Management
  • Document Management
  • Portfolio Management

A CMMI ® Maturity Level 3 Company

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