Testing determines the accurate functionality of project. Varsun gives high priority for testing thereby various issues of application will be eradicated. Our testing team is experienced enough to test projects and make sure the risk rate is minimised. We perform all types of testing such as Unit, Functional, System, and Regression on each project to detect and resolve issues within stipulated period of time. Varsun do not entertain delays at any phase of application development and make sure about client satisfaction under any circumstances.

"Industry-standard Testing methodology applied for every project"

Testing team doesn't leave a small issue and make sure that no module of application is left untested. As the testing holds high priority in software development, it has an exclusive radical approach defined at Varsun followed by our team to extract expected results.

With the global demand for high quality products and applications, testing has become the vital part of the SDLC and a specialized function in itself. We help our customers assess their current processes using prominent industry frame works. We also help our customers define their test automation strategy that is aligned with overall test plan.

Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE) is a dedicated test centre that Varsun sets up and runs on behalf of its customers on a factory model. Testing for the applications and products is executed out of the centre on the basis of managed services that enables customers to reduce time-to-market, have defect-free applications, and lower costs.

Our customers leverage our in-depth experience in test methodologies, automation frameworks, tools and defined processes. Our testing teams work closely with customers' business groups starting from the requirements analysis phase. Our domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure your IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability.

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