Rightcentive (Broker Management System) is a high-end business application used by ample companies who are part of Real Estate industry. Typically real estate industry comprises of brokerages, commissions, external parties, distributions etc. If a company or person wants to buy or sell or lease a building or land, etc., direct interaction between buyer and seller doesn't make the work done in real estate and so they approach a mediator known as broker. Besides, broker gets commission if the transaction is done successfully.

A Real estate company solely cannot manage the transactions; it has brokers sometimes referred as departments which will do the tasks. If approached broker doesn't have associates in site location then they will hand over the work to external parties. At this time, payment has to be clearly calculated. If the transaction is successful, Real Estate Company will get some percentage of commission in which internal/external payments should be appropriately get distributed. This task involves complex calculations using accurate values.

Well, Rightcentive application makes it easier for real estate companies to manage variety kind of transactions, kind of brokers, commissions and calculations. It has deftly segregates the work based on transactions type such as sales, lease, purchasing, selling, brokerage, etc. The application has following facilities designed and implemented by experts to fulfil complex real estate needs.

  • It allows valid users to fill up required fields while making transaction.
  • Many number of transactions like sales, lease, etc. are perfectly managed with this application.
  • Commission calculations & deductions among brokers, external parties are automatically done.
  • More or less, it has efficient additional modules such as expenses, broker splits, oral transaction amount, and department wise distributions and so on.

Access to Rightcentive is far beyond boundaries. Its administration is easier with high-tech built-in features.

Are you into real estate industry? Then Rightcentive will help you out making necessary calculations, provides division of work based on transaction type, no confusion and ease in performance.

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