Pitchbook is the result of our aspirations of providing comprehensive information. The demand for providing analytical, widespread information is growing extremely so we castoff our innovative methodology for developing an advanced, user-friendly and fully-featured application with help of software professionals and skilled designers and named it as 'Pitchbook'

The PitchBook Platform was designed to cater specifically to the unique research and workflow needs. PitchBook isn't just a data provider. By offering instant access to rich, sought-after information, it can also constitute a strong competitive advantage. You can rely on PitchBook for the information you need to make informed decisions.

What makes PitchBook different?

  • No short cuts
    It takes meticulous research to produce complete, consistent, timely and accurate information.
  • Laser-focused
    unbiased and honest information, commentary and analysis.
  • Full spectrum coverage
    PitchBook covers the full spectrum of inventory and retail business of all sizes, industries and all types.
  • Deal monitoring and research through the entire lifecycle
    without exception, PitchBook actively researches and reports on products and deals.

Unique features:

  • Has an inbuilt calculator which enables Item wise Order Values and Profits for the order in INR/USD terms.
  • Has an inbuilt Sales Data Sheet which can be configured to track the sales for a particular store and a particular set of products.
  • Key promotional display opportunities can be displayed ensuring a location based profitability dash board.
  • Seasonal opportunities present themselves only once per year. The solution ensures your sales personnel on the ground are ready to encash at retail by having the key details "on-hand".
  • Can show how your products are doing better than your competitors. You can share these details with your customers to have an easy 'win decision' for your product.

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