Founded in the year of 2003 by a group of Technocrats who believe in convergence of Technology, Innovation, Expertise and experience to deliver value to the customers. Varsun Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2008 company and one of the fast evolving division of manufacturing Aero engine Components such as Blades, External Casings, Rings and various tools jigs , fixture, gauges including Forging Dies. Using different types of alloys like Ni base alloys, Stainless steel, Titanium, Aluminum alloys are engaged in machining of Gas turbine blades, Manufacturing of high precision electronic fuel components for prototype designs.


Our mission is to Design and Manufacture high precision and advanced technology products with Global standards aiming at delivering the same to achieve complete satisfaction of the customers.

Our Manufacturing Leverage

Since our introduction to the market, we tend to provide first-class services and solutions beyond geographical, ideological boundaries. We drive based on creativity and technical excellence with equal focus on outstanding quality.

Thanks to our manufacturing experts, engineers, technology leads for making Varsun unique in this industry to offer a distinctive mix of service associated with product delivery that is quite client and project specific.

Varsun is most experienced in the field of manufacturing and engineering of aviation Components and Forging Dies. Varsun has state of art CNC facility to manufacture high precision components.

The broad group of items that Varsun is capable of manufacturing is as follows.


Our dedicated Blade Manufacturing Unit is capable of manufacturing of Aero Engine Gas turbine blades (both stator and rotor of compressor and turbine) of complex profile using 4 and 5 axis CNC machining centers. We are able to deliver different types of high precision compressor and turbine blades made from titanium and high temperature nickel alloy steels with completely meeting the specifications laid out for manufacturing the same.


Varsun's Balanagar unit is engaged for manufacturing various gas turbine rings [Compressor and Turbine] of different contours made of high temperature steel alloys such as Nimonic and lightweight, tough titanium alloys.
Types of Rings

  • Casing Rings range up to 1.5m
  • Blade Fitting Rings

CNC machining of components

Varsun has state of art CNC facility to manufacture high precision components and present manufacturing unit produces more than 30 varieties of Sukoi engine components with high precision and variety of metals as well. Over a period time we have mastered the art of machining engine components of complex configuration and tough materials by adopting the specifications and technology processes.

These have been laid out of the same and well conversed with customers carrying out machining of components as per process sheets by utilizing CNC milling route. Our team effectively maintains technical conditions and accuracies stipulated in the process with utmost satisfaction to the customer.
Types of components

  • Adopters
  • Brackets
  • Casings
  • Impellers

Forging dies

Varsun has acquired expertise in design, development & manufacturing Forging Dies for production of Aero engine components and aero foil blades. Varsun has delivered a good no of forging dies to customers so far as per their design and manufacturing of typical insert (HSS) dies for blades. Qualified design and development is done by expert teams for forging dies as per customer components through reverse engineering including demonstration of the forgings.

A CMMI ® Maturity Level 3 Company

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