Public service organizations always sought for tailoring future demands according to emerging markets. In order to score high efficiency in this particular sector, public services must be delivered on-time that typically includes human services, public protection, Defense, revenue, justice and postal services. So far, Varsun has served government agencies with prevailing software applications developed using state of the art technologies. All the efforts that Varsun deploy into application development are to deliver projects within time.

Varsun Solutions to Government

Varsun Services to Government are aimed at providing end to end IT solutions to Government Agencies/ Departments which can help them become more efficient, accessible and reform the citizens' experience. We work closely with many Government Agencies/ Departments to identify and automate time consuming manual processes that can be revolutionized through e-Governance.

In essence, we provide a '5 Stage Services Offering' to the Government sector that solves the problem of having multiple touch points and unplanned piecemeal efforts related to the introduction of IT solutions in today's critical Government interactions and transactions.

Our VOMS project is a perfect example of our services to Government agencies. The project has been done for Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the details are as follows.

VOMS – Garbage Bin Clearing System

The application is developed for Bhubaneswar government to manage garbage bins across the state. VOMS would help in automating the garbage bin reporting system by allowing users to capture current status of the Bin images using mobile phones and GPS/GPRS technologies and upload it onto the portal for public access. And, labourers' attendance can also be easily tracked.

The Municipal Corporation Sanitary System is usually divided into Zones/Circles/Wards. There would be several Garbage bins placed in each ward by the Municipal Corporation for collecting the garbage from respective localities. These Garbage bins will be emptied on a daily basis by dumping the junk in the dump yards that are located far from city.

Presently clearing of Garbage bins in most of the Municipalities is being monitored manually by the sanitary supervisors/inspectors and reports. The manual reporting and analysis consumes lot of time and is not available for public access. To avoid this process, VOMS is developed.

Our VOMS application looks rich, possess an elegant interface and completely user-friendly. VOMS mobile application is accessible for mobile users. Not only this, Varsun has developed few more software applications for governmental agencies and helps them reduce efforts.

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