Engineering is a merge of science & Technology adopted by organizations to find technical solutions. A potential engineering process based on cost-effective and experimental strategy yields finest results all the time.

Varsun has state of art infrastructure to provide support for customer with adequate engineering services and technical support. The design area is fully equipped with latest high-end technologies comprising CAD/CAM facilities and trained engineers who offer CAD services such as product design, conversion of designed drawings for execution. Varsun also employ solid modeling, development of program data through Reverse engineering for shop floor production.

Drafting and Detailing

Varsun provides services for 2D drafting and assembly layout for production. Our engineers work with international standards. Our drafting software platform expertise includes AutoCAD, UG, IDEAS, Pro-Engineer, etc.

Types of diagrams

  • Machine diagrams.
  • Fabrication diagrams.
  • Circuit diagrams.
  • RCC diagrams.
  • Brabending schedules.
  • Steel design diagrams.

Reverse Engineering

In the absence of detailed designs and forgings, Varsun can generate detailed and accurate drawings for any precision engineering parts using techniques such as 3D LASER Digitizing System for Reverse Engineering & Computer Aided Inspection requirements. And the teams can create drafts and models on software platforms such as AutoCAD, Unigraphics, Catia, I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, Solid works and Mechanical Desktop.

A CMMI ® Maturity Level 3 Company

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