Document Management System

The frustration and time wasted every day by people for preparing & maintaining documents such as proposals tenders, bids, annual reports, financial reports, research papers or any complex documents. And it is true that documentation is valuable, obligatory and costly to the business. Now it is time to stay strain-free for extensive document management with our contemporary product VeDMS.

How does this VeDMS Work?
Most companies have a process for building documents. But when it comes to managing documents, this is the area where it costs huge money.

Companies these days require vast amount of storage for creating & managing documents in an organized & secured way. To admit, VeDMS is not a document creation tool but fully functioned to maintain documents in a company. Some companies hire additional workforce to do this task efficiently which is a costly process whereas VeDMS make this task easier and its built-in features provide simpler interaction. Numerous functions encompass Storing, Retrieving, Reviewing, and Customised Search so on will help you maintain huge number of documents under appropriate cabinets.

Furthermore, VeDMS is integrated with Microsoft Outlook from which you can view and maintain documents in accurate way. Alerts/notifications is the best feature notifies user about approvals, schedules, events, responses, etc.

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